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0716's Journal

Born on July 16th!
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This community exists so that those of us who were born on July 16th can collectively bask in our own glory on our birthday.

July 16th is also National Ice Cream Day, so...those of you born on other days during the year should be aware that you are fully entitled to gorge yourself on ice cream on July 16th.

Other birthday communities you should be aware of in the event that they apply to you:
march_7 born on the 7th of March
april_16 born on the 16th of April
0824 born on the 24th of August
september15 born on the 15th of September
twentysecond born on the 22nd of any month

If you know of one that isn't listed, tell me...or not. I doubt people born on other days of the year will be coming to this community.